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Ask yourself this question: What is the one of the most widely used software? If you answered "data recovery", then you are right on track. Today, our technology has advanced so much and all the valuable documents or files can be recovered using hard drive rescue software.

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When to Use Data Restore Software

When a hard disk malfunction causes your laptop or computer to crash, you lose access to your important and valuable data, it is time to seek out a hdd rescue software that can help you as an alternative to a costly data recovery service. Using software tools is an excellent idea to try in a few circumstances.

But at first lets talk about some most common "Data Recovery" issues. We must start with issue involves an computer installed operating system (OS) failure (in mosts cases it happens on a single-disk, one-partition, single-OS PC system), where our goal is wery simple just to copy all needed files to another hard drive or dvd-disk. This can be easily done with a recovery software, most of which provide the next main functions to 1) low-level read the system drive, 2) show or preview files available to undelete, 3) move selected files from crashed partition to the backup drive with a simple copy wizard.

data recovery software wizard
1. Data Recovery Software Wizard

The second most common type involves a low-level (disk-level) mailfunction like a crashed file system, disk partition, or a hard drive failure - and now our documents and pictures cannot be easily read. Depending on the case, you can choose from several solutions: 1) repair the file system, partition table or MBR, 2) use the software for hard disk recovery of corrupted data, 3) hardware replacement (microcontrollers) on a physically damaged hard drive. These last two cases typically show the permanent failure of the disk, so "recovery" means here a sufficient repair for a one-time restore of files.

Do-it-Yourself Data Recovery Service at home

Data Restore & File Repair software - FlashPhoenix File Undelete is a file rescue tool and an easy-to use, cost efficient, and powerful professional data restore software. Provides an effective solution available from hard drive restoration, file repair, file recover and more. A wide variety of disk or drive failures can cause physical damage to your storage media.

It all means the retrieval of inaccesible at this time information from the damaged card, formatted drive, so on. CD/DVD-ROMs can have scratches on surface or defective metallic back; HDDs can suffer any of number mechanical failures, including head crashes, motors stopped working; magnetic tapes often can simply break. As you know physical damage 100% causes more or less sectors loss, in most cases some logical records of the FS (file system) will be damaged as well.

File Recovery & Management - FlashPhoenix is a powerful utility to search, recover and restore the lost documents&files. Use Find&Restore function for deleted, damaged, inaccessible docs, audio, video clips, saved playlist, digital photographs in minutes! Logical damage of drives & partitions is usually caused by power outages. It's prevent file system records from being completely written on drive, but problems with hardware chips (in most cases it is RAID controllers) and OS drivers, as well as operating system crashes, can have the same effect.

Memory Card Undelte & Restoration - photo rescue application to find and restore documents, songs, photos, videos from formatted memory card.

Hard Drive Rescue & Management - As consumers and business owners we keep everything on our computers: our company's financial records, pictures of our family, home videos, documentations. Flash Recovery quickly and easily restore deleted files, video folders, pictures, photos, images, libraries, work documents from your hard drive.

Right now you can download the freeware demo version first, to be sure it can recover your lost photos. (It works exactly the same way as the registered version except only the first several photos are recovered). If your pictures can be recovered, get the full version to recover the rest of your photos and pictures.

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March 14, 2010:

FlashPhoenixTM data recovery v5.0 released

January 20, 2010:

FlashPhoenixTM disk restore v4.5 released

December 5, 2009:

FlashPhoenixTM v4.3 released. Disk Recovery & Data recovery software tools makes it possible to restore, retrieve and undelete the corrupted hard drive data or data from damaged sectors and files.